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In the recent past, there have been several successful blogs and some unsuccessful ones. When it comes to the failure of a blog, several reasons can be attributed to it! You can share several things and share your views through the tool called blogging. Regardless of whether you are a writer, web designer, web developer or online marketer, you should know the reasons for the failure of your blog and analyze ways and means by which you can avoid mistakes.

Whether you are planning to start a blog or are an experienced blogger, you can use some seo techniques and tips outlined below to improve your skills and avoid failure! You can also Refer to "Best Seo Techniques To Improve Your Website and Blog"

Premature Launch

Premature launch of the blog can lead to its failure. You should make it a point to write lots of posts/articles before launching your blog. Your articles and posts should be researched thoroughly and edited so that it can draw the attention of a large audience. Sharing the blog on Facebook and other social media forums is also a good idea if you are keen to get a good response. 

You can also start writing for relevant blogs and get a byline by which you can link directly to your blog. You can start asking for favors once you have posted your articles on a lot of blogs that are relevant to yours.

Lack of Marketing 

Being introvert will not be of any help. Many marketers do the mistake of concentrating on their blogs alone. You can improve the chances of attaining success through your blog by gathering a large audience. The following SEO tips can help you achieve this goal:

  • Tap the potential of Social Media – You can use the power of social media tool such as Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Reddit.
  • Email marketing can also be of great help to market your blog!
  • You can improve your blog further by becoming a member in online forums and communities. You can also request for tips to improve your blog and provide good content in return for them to enjoy.
  • You should also make it a point to post comments on other people’s posts. 

Keeping all the posts to yourself

It is better not to hoard all the posts that you have written. You should take efforts to find blogs that are relevant to your niche and submit your posts to them after getting their permission. Once you are done with writing posts you can spread the word around through guest blogging. 
You can make your presence felt by marketing your blog through the right methods. Contacting blogs that have high authority in your niche and joining them can also give you the results you are aiming for.

Hesitation to Learn

Having a basic understanding of the working of internet can help you to move ahead with your blogging efforts. You will not be able to get maximum results if you are very scared of changing hosts, experimenting, ignorant of the way the internet works or about installing a plug-in or theme. Learning about useful tools such as HTML, CSS and WordPress hacks can help you to get the best results from your blogging efforts.


Bad SEO or Black Hat Seo practices can also lead to the failure of your blog. If you haven’t taken at least some time to add links and optimize your content for a few keywords it can become boring and vague for your readers. 

Poor writing style and lack of images

The next thing that can lead to the failure of a blog is a poor writing style and lack of images. Images add flow and depth and can highlight content in a better way. 

Bad content layout 

Having too many categories and poor content layout can also affect blog quality. Content should be in small easy to read paragraphs so that it can keep the visitors at the same site for a longer time.

Not having comments enabled

Not having comments enabled can also be a big turnoff for a blog. Reading and writing more about your niche can also enhance your writing abilities. 

Ultimately, you have to be original and create trust among readers if you wish to succeed in your blogging efforts. If you're absolutely serious about becoming a good blogger, it's important to learn from the experience of other bloggers who have crossed this path before. This will help you to understand what works in this field and what does not.

Reading about the experiences of other bloggers and following their advice can also be of great help in your blogging journey. You can also research about “top blogs” or “new blogs” to get a better understanding about what this involves.

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I’m Ramya, a freelance web designer / writer based in India.  I have worked in a number of SEO projects and have a good insight into creating a web design with Latest SEO techniques incorporated in it.  Apart from web designing and SEO I also contribute high-quality articles to top class websites and blogs. Besides business I am part-time wildlife photographer and generally an extrovert, I also like travelling to different destinations. 


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