Does Keyword Stuffing a "Seo Trick" beneficial in 2013 ?

Keyword stuffing is an unethical SEO practice which leads to banning a website in search engine ranking. It is very old SEO technique which is still used by many SEOs. Though many SEOs are using keyword stuffing in smart way. Those SEOs might be lucky as their website not penalized in latest updates from Google. Keyword stuffing is   black hat on page SEO technique. Keyword stuffing occurs when a web page is filled with keywords in the meta tags, alt tags or in content of a web page. Keyword meta tags is not used by Google for ranking web pages. SEOs use repetition of words in meta keywords tag.

I have analyzed many search queries for different industries and verticals in 2013. I have found keyword stuffing still works. I have seen may websites rank well just because they stuffed keywords in title, alt tags of images, title attribute of links and content. It is observed that not all website caught by Google’s anti-spam algo in the year 2013. I have seen the website which are very new with PR 1 or 0 are coming on top just because keyword stuffing in its source.

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