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Seo Techniques
If you are wondering from where to start to improve your website’s search engine optimization, here are some best seo techniques which I am going to discussed for the improvement of your website.  For the Seo beginners I would like to say that first read some seo basics like On Page Optimization, Off Page Optimization etc. The evolution of the making the website visible and available to the search engine has more than two decades that concept of making a website easily visible to the robot is being used. As the search engines update algorithms and methodologies of working, the optimizer also have to change their traditional seo tips and get updated as per the new methodology. 

The latest techniques are discussed here:

1. Guest Posting: 

Seo Techniques
Allowing the guest users to blog this is one of the most effective ways of link building that cannot be ignored by any crawler. Place your articles and blogs on famous sites which will attract more and more people. Make your posts unique and informative. You can also try to write the guest post on top blogs . 

2. No Broken Links :

Seo Techniques
 Make sure that your website does not have a single broken link. When the website has a broken link it is a negative point for the websites reputation as it is listed as a less effective. This also reduces the number of visitors as people shall prefer using other websites instead of this site. Regular checks should be done to avoid this problem. A custom error page should be made that would be displayed when any link are not reachable. 

3. Follow your competitor’s link:

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This often helps to get ideas and clues about the points that we might have missed out and it also highlights any new methods if implemented by them. Make a thorough study of competitors and use the techniques used by them. By using this seo technique you can get an idea about the inbound links from various good sites. so you can also submit your website. Go through their content what type of content they are writing etc. Analyse and pick up their weakest point and  make it strong for your's.

4.Go for interviews: 

seo tips and Tricks
Your interview shall enhance the performance of your website as well as it shall also increase the brand value of your business. Be active on widely used social networking sites such as facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc where you can get the reviews of common people easily. Contact other bloggers and interview them. Subscribe to sites that take interviews. 

5.Place content links on Authority Sites: 

Since search engines bots love the good quality content site. It is good seo practice to place your content  links on influential sites.This increases the value of your website thereby increasing the ranking and traffic.

6.Use Trackbacks: 

They help you to blog better and richer content along with permanent links. It is a good practice to display trackback links on your site. It is better to use this method as these links would not be deleted and will always be on the priority list of the bloggers. They are also very useful as they contain the keyword in their title which is rich.

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