Latest Ethical Seo Tips And Techniques For 2013

Hurray! Want to get some latest SEO news to increase the ranking of your sites in search engines? Then take a look :-

1. Increase  your current ranking –
                  If you want to increase your ranking, then don’t copy contents from other websites.  If you will do so, then Hey, don’t blame me! Search Engines like Google will claim you. So, why to take risk? Always come up with some good, fresh and unique contents. And make sure that contents or a post that you are submitting has not been posted by somebody else.

2. Why to compromise with the quality of contents?
                Try to always use some keywords in first and last paragraph, it will make your content effective. Do you want search engine to consider your content as a Spam? No na.. then try to use more than 300 words in your articles. So please, don’t write too short and hey not even too long contents.
Keep it simple and effective with some targeting keywords.

3. Avoid spam links, Earn some good Inbound links –
              Always accept natural links, otherwise your websites will get hit by Google Panda. So build links naturally. If you want your website to be safe, then avoid inbound links from untrusted websites. Now, you are wondering how to avoid spam links? Simple – Go to Google Webmaster Tools and use “Disavow links” Yippee…

4. Get good ranking using Internal Links –
                    To get a good ranking one has to use internal links. Well, it’s a very good SEO technique which also offers many features. Internal links will help to make bounce rate lower.  Now if you want to improve your Internal Links, then you can use Breadcrumbs also.
5. Publicize your post in Social Media –
                   Now a day, most of us are using social media websites like Google +1, Twitter, Facebook and so on. So once you publish your content, you can submit the same on all these social media. If you will get Likes it means that your contents are good.  So Hurry Up, take advantage of these social media.

6. Make your website user friendly – 
                 As new technologies are evolving, then you should be smart enough to play with all these. Try to make your website more users friendly, so that people who are using Tablets, Smart Phones etc. can also access your sites.

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