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Introduction to keywords

A part of successful search engine optimization of web pages is working out what keywords your prospective visitors might type in to a search engine to find your site. Some are more competitive than others - try searching for 'Seo Tips' in Google, there are millions of results! For smaller, optimizing web sites it is better to target less popular keywords and phrases to begin with and aim for success with those.

Each page on your site should have one to three related keyword phrases that are site-specific. For example,say you have a page all about Seo Tips. Good phrases to target on this page would be Search Engine Optimization, seo Techniques, or Best Seo Tips. See what I mean? They're all related, and they're all pointing at the same general content on the page.

Why choose keywords at all?

A good web page contains information that people are looking for. When you write the page you need to take a step back and think about what search terms or keywords people would enter to find it. Once you have determined those keywords, you need to narrow them down to 3 to 5 main words. Then you can start to write the page, keeping these words in mind while you develop the content.
While writing the web page, you can use search engine optimization techniques to make sure you use your keywords in the right places for search engine success.

How to research keywords

Unfortunately there are no shortcuts - good research will pay off with good results. By entering a search phrase in Google you can see what sort of competition you are up against. The blue bar at the top of the results page might say something like 'Results 1 - 10 of about 4,160,000'. That tells you that the search phrase is fairly competitive.

Also, you will learn a lot about how the search engines work by entering different phrases and seeing where they rank. Try and find combinations of keywords that return pages with poor information. If you can write a solid page of content using those keywords you should be able to rank highly in searches provided you follow the basics of search engine optimisation.

The other major source of research for keywords are your server log files. When a visitor finds your site using a search page, the words they used to find you are entered in your server log files. By looking at this information you can find:

  1. keywords to target
  2. phrases to target
  3. ideas for new pages

As an example, we noticed that people found our site by typing in 'writing email newsletters'. The information we had on the subject was very limited though. We wrote a new page about writing email newsletters, uploaded it to our site and now it pulls in a good number of visitors on its own every day. Keep finding those keywords and keep building new web content around them.

For Choosing the perfect and more beneficial keywords you can use Google Ad-words Tool.

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